Men’s Swim Shorts: Dos and Dont’s


It's not just slim shorts that are stylish and flattering. The beach version of baggy cargos are board shorts. Here are a few reasons not to wear them.No Mesh - They are just shorts without support.Too Baggy - They keep getting looser which doesn't look good or work well for swimming.No Elastic - The drawstring waistband doesn't fit ... Get cool men’s gear!

Men’s Shorts by Inseam


Without a doubt, long cargo shorts with pockets are out and were never flattering to begin with. And don't even think about buying some manpris. Stylish shorts for men are all about slim cut right now."Trim shorts, i.e. shorts that fit close to the body but are not tight, are a good choice for all body types because they create a clean visual ... Get cool men’s gear!

Men’s Fashion Trends 2015 – Patterns


During summer, fashion is about fun. One of the most playful men's fashion trends of 2015 is patterns. They are an easy way to add color and interest to your summer wardrobe. For the more conservative style, look for smaller understated patterns. If you're looking to make a statement, there are brighter, bolder, and larger patterns.Also, look ... Get cool men’s gear!

How to Wear Shorts for Men


Summer is just on the horizon and for many guys that means it's shorts weather. Sun's out, knees out, if you will. For the stylish gentleman, loose and baggy shorts are out and just say not to manpris. The most flattering garments fit the body and the same is true of shorts.To show you how to wear shorts for men with style, check out this photo ... Get cool men’s gear!

Men’s Fashion 2015 – The Scoop Neck Tee


For summer 2015, it's out for the V-neck and in with the scoop neck tee. This neckline is similar to the usual round t-shirt style but wider and deeper. Like a V, the collarbones are exposed and as much chest as you like. Some scoop necklines are broader across while some dip down low. Sometimes really low.This style works with every kind of ... Get cool men’s gear!

Raincoats for Men


There are two places that make the best raincoats. First, trust anything British from London Fog to Barbour to keep the elements at bay in style. Alternatively, go to a trusted sporting brand, especially those from the West Coast, for waterproof shells that are comfortable and frequently stylish.Get ready for spring showers with this raincoats ... Get cool men’s gear!

The Best Boxer Briefs


The hottest men's clothing trend isn't one that you see. Boxer briefs have replaced briefs and boxers as the most popular underwear choice for men. This shift accompanied the skinny jean trend - there's no room for bunching in tight jeans. It's also about combining support, comfort and coverage. If you're looking for the best boxer briefs, check ... Get cool men’s gear!

JNCO is back!


Before skinny jeans hit the scene, cool factor was measured in inches instead of tightness. As part of the raver heyday, JNCO's were one of the original phat pants with ultra wide-legged jeans featuring over 50" leg openings. Due to the inevitable shift in trends, the LA-based company closed their factory in 2000.Rejoin the Journey of the ... Get cool men’s gear!

Latest Men’s Fashion 2015: 3 Easy Trends


Looking for a wardrobe update for 2015? Check out these latest men's fashion trends hot of runways from around the world. All of these looks are saying good-bye winter, hello summer with brighter colors, bold patterns, and lighter weights. Mix and match these trends to create your own unique look.1. Bold PrintsThe spring and summer 2015 ... Get cool men’s gear!