Men’s Waterproof Jackets – 5 Bold Styles


  Labor day has come and gone and that means the end of summer is just around the corner. While we're hoping for more good weather, rainy days are on the way. You can suit up with the usual black rain jacket or you can stand out from the crowd.Gloomy weather is best met with a pop of color, pattern, or style so check out these ... Get cool mens gear!

Shoe Trends for Guys 2014: Moccasin Boots for Men


 It's not cool to wear Native American headdresses but moccasins are fine. Moccasin is the Algonquian Indian word for shoe and shoes are for everyone while the headdress are for spiritual purposes. For fall 2014, one of the emerging shoe trends for guys is moccasin boots for men. These moccasin-inspired high tops have rubber soles ... Get cool mens gear!

Cool Fanny Packs for Guys – Is that a thing?


Nineties fashion is a big trend for 2014, bringing back acid wash, neon, and tapered pants. Some of the less flattering looks like Zubaz, Hammer pants, and Hypercolor are destined to stay in the past but what about fanny packs?For some, the answer is a resounding no, never ever ever. For others, all about function. Fanny packs hold more than ... Get cool mens gear!

Cool Backpacks for Men with Leather Straps 2014


 Looking to carry around your stuff in style? If a messenger bag isn't your thing, look to a trusty backpack. These aren't your average grade school Jansports (though those will always be cool) but stylish backpacks with leather straps for men. Choose from the vintage backpacker style with two straps or the one-strap version with a ... Get cool mens gear!

Desert Boots – Men


 The original desert boot is made by Clarks, although there are currently many imitators. The shoe can be unisex but here's how to wear desert boots - men plus how the shoe came from Burma to the United Kingdom.Before Nathan Clark, great-grandson of James Clark - one of the two founders of shoe company C&J Clark Ltd., left with ... Get cool mens gear!

Chambray Shirts for Men


 For polished style that stands up in the heat, chambray is the answer. Chambray is similar denim in color but the fabrics looser weave makes it a lightweight fabric that completes your summer wardrobe. The versatile shades of blue can be worn with with khakis, jeans, shorts, and even suits (with or without a tie).There is a huge ... Get cool mens gear!

Short Sleeve Denim Shirts for Men


 Even in summer, sometimes a t-shirt is just too casual. It's essential to have a few short sleeve collared shirts in the wardrobe for a dressier style that still beats the heat. Denim shirts for men are one of the must haves for summer 2014.The spectrum of blues function as a neutral in your wardrobe, pairing equally well with khakis, ... Get cool mens gear!

Men’s Dress Shirts Fit Guide


 Even if you work at an office with a jeans and t-shirt dress code or at home where pants are optional, every guy needs a few dress shirts for life's special occasions. If you're looking for men's dress shirts, here's a guide to finding the right fit to dress to impress.The tl;dr version:Get measured and know what size shirt you ... Get cool mens gear!

Filson now available in black


 Filson's renowned comfort, protection, and durability never go out of style. Now their signature tan and brown luggage is available in that color that goes with everything and never gets dirty - black. Check out the classic duffle bag, game bag messenger, and best selling briefcase computer bag all in black on black. ... Get cool mens gear!

How to Fix a Flat Bike Tire on the Road: patchnride


 Summer is cycling season for everyone, including fair weather commuters, hipster fixies, hardcore mountain and road bikers, and all you joyriders out there. If you ride enough, a flat is bound to happen. Here's how to fix a flat bike tire on the road.Leave behind your tire levers, patch kit, and spare tube. You don't need them anymore ... Get cool mens gear!