5 Cool Wallets


A wallet can more than the thing that hold your cash and credit cards. These 5 cool wallets exude style and personality through design, materials, colors, and pattern. There’s one to suit every fashion sense from dapper gentleman to minimalist to fashion forward. Check out some our top picks of wallets for men.


  1. Pull&Bear Wallet With Cork Detail – This cork wallet is minimalist in design but not in appearance. Made out of cork, this slim wallet has room for notes, cards, and a coin pocket as well.
  2. Harris Tweed Wallet – For the modern dandy, a tweed wallet is just the thing to go with a pocket watch and button suspenders. Once the choice in sporting wear for the aristocracy and landed gentry, the fabric remains in fashion. Harris Tweed continues it’s long tradition of being woven by hand by independent weavers across the Isle of Harris. It’s a stylish choice with a touch of history. Choose from 4 colors of tweed.
  3. Leffot The Fold – One way to eliminate bulk in a leather wallet is to get rid all seams and excess material. That’s exactly what The Fold does. Fold the single sheath of leather 3 ways to hold your cash and cards. That’s it. Available in 4 colors. The large size holds cards and all international currency while the small size hold US currency only.
  4. SlimFold Micro –  This ultra minimal wallet is made of Tyvek and is waterproof as well as 5x lighter and 6x thinner than leather. The recently updated design now includes reinforcement inserts. Also available in the original size and a range of colors.
  5. Duct Tape Wallet – You don’t have to make it yourself anymore, though you can if you want to. Made out of the strongest tape available, the wallet is durable and long lasting. It also features reinforced metal holes for a security chain.