Are tank tops for men cool?


Tank tops for men are a surprisingly polarizing issue. Guys are asking Google┬áif tank tops are cool for guys, douchey, or gay. The answer is yes, sometimes, and that’s your business. Tank tops for men are cool – given the appropriate time and place. Any outdoor activities are a go from the beach to festivals. The gym is questionable. At a club, well it depends.

To make a tank top work, it’s essential to remove any wandering shoulder hair, use antiperspirant, and some muscle definition is ideal. Whether you’re yay or nay, men’s tanks are a huge trend right now so if it’s hot where you live, stay cool sans sleeves. Look for bold patterns, sports jerseys (like this vintage Chicago Bulls tank), summer colors and prints, retro graphics, and of course stripes.

And if anyone gives you a hard time, remember the rule is “suns out, guns out“.



  1. H&M Patterned Tank Top
  2. Geo Sunset Tank
  3. Heathered Palm Springs Tank
  4. Ezekiel ‘White Sands’ Tank Top
  5. Bear Face Faux Leather Tank Top