Cool Camping Gear: Must Haves for This Summer

There’s a certain nostalgia for the past outdoors trips with a triangular tent, puffy plaid sleeping bag, and starting a fire with only a pair of sticks. However, new and cool camping gear makes living outdoors easier and more comfortable.

These are all perfect for your next outdoor adventure or to add to that emergency kit you keep meaning to put together. Recent technology makes is easier than ever to get off the grid or stay connected away from an outlet.


1. UCO Stormproof Match Kit with Waterproof Case – If you’re not under a fire ban, this waterproof container contains matches that burn for 15 seconds and in wind or rain.

2. BioLite CampingStove – This literally world-changing device combines a lightweight backpacking stove and off-grid power charger. It runs off of twigs so there’s no fuel to buy or carry. The same technology is used to provide clean, safe energy access across the developing world.

3. GSI Outdoors 4-Cup Stainless Mini Expresso – Armed with your BioLite CampStove, all you need to make an incredible cup of coffee outdoors is this easy to use espresso maker. With a four shot capacity, brew yourself  your daily triple or be the sought after baristo.

4. d.light S20 Area Lantern – This one of the best solar camping lanterns available combining cutting-edge solar and LED technology and rugged design. It provides up to 8 hours of light (on the low setting) and can be charged through the integrated solar panel or AC energy via a USB adaptor or a standard Nokia charger.

5. Big Agnes Dream Island 15 –  The camping equivalent of a king size bed, cozy up in a double wide sleeping bag made for two. It eliminates the extra zippers and gap between hoods. This deluxe sleeping bag also features an integrated pad sleeve so you’ll never roll off again.

6. Nite Ize Reflective Cord – No more tripping over tent ties with this nylon rope woven with reflective strips that reflect light.

7. CGear Multimat – Stay  sand, dirt and dust-free with this dual mesh mat or blanket for use at the beach or campsite.

8. Eton Scorpion – It’s only a solar-powered, outdoor-ready, smartphone-charging weather radio and flashlight. Oh, and bottle opener too. Everything you need outdoors or in case of an emergency.

9. Sea to Summit Trek TkII Sleeping Bag – If you’re going to be sleeping by yourself, this is the way to do it. It’s at home on mountains or hostels. The hidden security pocket is perfect for keeping your phone and passport safe. And finally, an anti-snag zipper that is “brilliant” according to Backpacker magazine. Good for  spring, summer and fall, it compresses down to a mere six liters.