Cool and Stylish Scarves for Men

Temperatures are continuing to hit what feels like record lows. When staying inside is no longer an option, additional layers are needed to effectively combat the cold. In addition to the usual parka and gloves, scarves offer another layer of defense as well as a pop of pattern or color.

There are a few kinds of scarves. The first is the classic long rectangle made of various materials. The lightweight, square scarf gained popularity and backlash with the keffiye trend a few years ago. The multifunctional garment continues to be available in less controversial patterns and can be worn winter and summer. Most recently, the circle or infinity scarf  has been adopted by men and women. Here are picks for cool and stylish scarves for men in each style.

Classic Scarves for Men

There is such a wide range of traditional scarves available. The most common materials are designed for warmth and include knits, cashmere, silk, wool, cotton, synthetics, and blends. Feel the fabric before purchasing a wool or synthetic scarf. If there’s any hit of itch, select another one. Get them in plain, stripes, classic plaid, or updated geometric shapes.


1. Pendleton Sonora Jacquard Fringed Scarf
2. Ted Baker London Wool Scarf
3. Glen Lossie Lambswool Scarf

Knit Scarves

There are more pitfalls to avoid when selecting a knit scarf. Stay away from overly bulky knits, cheap synthetics, and winter patterns (unless you’re trying to represent your Scottish or Nordic heritage). Chunky knits made from thick wool are on trend right now as long as the scarf itself isn’t overly wide or long. For a hand knit or unique scarf, check out the wide selection at Etsy.


4. Bellfield Buffy Scarf
5. GAP Cable Knit Scarf
6. Chunky Textured Scarf

Snood aka Tube, Circle, and Infinity Scarves

If you don’t want to concern with the many ways to tie a scarf, the snood is for you. It’s a regular scarf sewed together at the ends to form a loop. They come in longer lengths that can be wound twice or shorter, chunkier version that simply go overhead.


7. Pointelle Knit Cashmere Infinity Scarf
8. Selected Best Tube Scarf
9. Bickley + Mitchell Knit Marled Circle Scarf