Cool Sunglasses for Guys

Looking cool isn’t the only reason to wear sunglasses. Filtering out harsh sunlight is their true purpose and different lens options provide a range of tints, effects, and finishes. Choose tinted lenses to enhance hues, soothe eyes, and add a colorful finish to your shades. Get a polarized lens to block almost 100% of glare and UV rays. These cool sunglasses for men all have tinted lenses, another one of this year’s sunglass trends.


  1. ASOS Flat Brow Sunglasses with Colored Mirror Lenses – If you’re leaving those mirrored goggles behind for summer, get the same look with these cool shades.
  2. Carrera 82 –  Inspired by the Carrera’s design archives, this is a new classic made out of lightweight resin with mirrored lenses and available in a range of color combinations.
  3. Maui Jim Kolohe – Known for their lenses, these Maui Jim lenses enhance colors, contrast, and clarity with a cool retro shape.
  4. Persol Aviator PO0649 54 – A classic shape with polarized and rare these days glass lenses in a soothing shade of green.