Gifts for Men 2014: Hanukkah and Christmas edition

It’s that time of year again. Looking for gifts for people in your life who probably don’t need anything. That means presents should be about wants, not needs, and focus on giving pleasure and a little bit of indulgence. Guys can be especially difficult to shop for but check out these gifts for men 2014 … Read more

Schiller X1 Water Bike

  It’s too late for this summer but now is the time to start saving or add this water bike to your Christmas list. The Schiller X1 is the latest in water biking, literally a bicycle on water (not to be confused the French WaterBike that uses water as resistance). Floating on two pontoons, the X1 … Read more

Introducing the Handpresso Wild Hybrid Coffee Machine

  I use my Aeropress every day but am always on the look out for an even more portable coffee maker for road and camping trips. While I need my daily fix, the packets of Starbucks in hotel rooms and grit of cowboy coffee just don’t cut it. Enter the Handpresso Wild Hybrid Coffee Machine. … Read more

How to Fix a Flat Bike Tire on the Road: patchnride

  Summer is cycling season for everyone, including fair weather commuters, hipster fixies, hardcore mountain and road bikers, and all you joyriders out there. If you ride enough, a flat is bound to happen. Here’s how to fix a flat bike tire on the road. Leave behind your tire levers, patch kit, and spare tube. … Read more

Pack light with the waterproof Kindle

  When you’re headed to the pool, lake or ocean and ready to do relax and catch up with some reading, there’s one thing you usually leave behind – your tablet or e-reader. The sun, sand and water are no match for modern technology, even if you have the latest retina display. Sure there are … Read more

5 iPhone 5 Wallet Cases

  Your phone does it all in one, so your case should too. These iPhone wallet cases provide convenience, security, and protection. Choose from secret drawers, integrated phone stands, and beautiful leather cases. These are our top 5 picks for iPhone 5 wallet cases. Here’s hoping they’ll all be updated when the iPhone 6 comes out. … Read more

Cool Camping Gear: Must Haves for This Summer

There’s a certain nostalgia for the past outdoors trips with a triangular tent, puffy plaid sleeping bag, and starting a fire with only a pair of sticks. However, new and cool camping gear makes living outdoors easier and more comfortable. These are all perfect for your next outdoor adventure or to add to that emergency kit you … Read more

The Latest Cell Phone Watch: Samsung Gear Fit

Some phones keep getting bigger while others are going in the same direction. Samsung has a stylish addition to the shrinking cellphone watch category, the Samsung Gear Fit. An update on other similar offerings, this slim horizontal design (that can be viewed vertically) is much sleeker and more stylish. The multi-functional watch tracks activity day … Read more