How to Fix a Flat Bike Tire on the Road: patchnride


Summer is cycling season for everyone, including fair weather commuters, hipster fixies, hardcore mountain and road bikers, and all you joyriders out there. If you ride enough, a flat is bound to happen. Here’s how to fix a flat bike tire on the road.

Leave behind your tire levers, patch kit, and spare tube. You don’t need them anymore thanks to the new patchnride, an on-the-go flat tire repair tool. This innovative repair system uses interchangeable and replaceable patch pods. Choose the patch pod based on the type of bike you’re riding, snap it on the tool, and you are all set to fix it and get back on the road.


With the patent pending device, you can patch inside holes up to 3mm in under a minute permanently, all without removing the tire and tube. Compare that to the 20 minutes it takes for a traditional repair or permanent patch, especially when every minute counts during a group ride, race, or beautiful day. Pre-order it now for 50% off 2 Patch Pods and 2 Leak Detectors for $25.  PATCH