JNCO is back!

Phat-Pants-JNCOBefore skinny jeans hit the scene, cool factor was measured in inches instead of tightness. As part of the raver heyday, JNCO‘s were one of the original phat pants with ultra wide-legged jeans featuring over 50″ leg openings. Due to the inevitable shift in trends, the LA-based company closed their factory in 2000.

Rejoin the Journey of the Chosen Ones as the company makes a come back this year. What to expect from JNCO in 2015? The catalogue isn’t available yet but previews indicate updated looks such as slouchy knit jeans and joggers in addition to traditional styles. In addition to the  core and fashion collections, the heritage range will revive those high waist, wide leg pants. All will feature the iconic JNCO crown logo.

Until the designs are revealed, relive the past with #jnco. And remember, Judge None, Choose One.