Latest Men’s Fashion 2014: Rolled Pants


After so many years of skinny jeans, the trouser silhouette is finally changing. The tapered ankle and dropped crotch of jogging jeans isn’t the only new trend. The latest men’s fashion hot of 2014’s runways is rolled pants.

Start with a lightweight and slim fit pants with a straight leg pant and just roll them up to expose the ankle. You can go a bit further to the lower shin for the once nerdy, now hip flood pant style. The key is summer weight pants like chinos in linen, cotton, or seersucker and the right shoes. We don’t even need to say no visible socks, right?

This look can be styled preppy, hip, or made your own based on the height of the cuff, shirt on top, and especially the shoes. Read more about the right footwear after our favorite men’s pants for summer 2014.


  1. Nautica Linen Cotton Pant – $65.00
  2. Polo Ralph Lauren Straight Fit Chinos – $219.12
  3. ASOS Slim Chinos – $41.92Best-Summer-Pants-for-Men-2014-
  4. GAP Lived-in Straight Pant – $59.95
  5. J. Crew Tonal Seersucker Chino in Urban Slim Fit – $79.50
  6. H&M Linen Blend Pants – $19.95

To make this look work, it’s all about the right shoes. Keep it fresh and snappy by skipping the old flip flops and opting for a low shoe that can comfortably worn without socks. These sandals are an excellent option as are leather espadrilles. For a sporty look there are lots of canvas and leather sneakers that work too and can be slip-ons, laced, or with laces removed.

Other options in leather are boat shoes, driving shoes, and desert boots. Or for the best combination of a leather shoe and sneaker, check out these Kenton suede bucks from J. Crew. They were originally worn as tennis shoes and are just as comfortable today.