fun socks for men

Fun Socks For Men

Fun socks are a great way for men to express your unique style, personal interests, or sense of humor. Slipping on a funny or cool pair of socks is kind of like wearing one of your favorite T-shirts. Fun socks for men are going to totally transform your outfit and your attitude. There are so … Read more

Cool Sunglasses for Men: Modern Shades for Summer 2015

    Summer is back and it’s not only tank top season but time for some new shades. Need a reason to invest in cool sunglasses for men? You wear them everyday. That’s reason enough to take the time to find a flattering pair that makes a statement. For summer 2015, one of the trends … Read more

5 Cool Wallets

  A wallet can more than the thing that hold your cash and credit cards. These 5 cool wallets exude style and personality through design, materials, colors, and pattern. There’s one to suit every fashion sense from dapper gentleman to minimalist to fashion forward. Check out some our top picks of wallets for men. Pull&Bear … Read more

Cool Fanny Packs for Guys – Is that a thing?

  Nineties fashion is a big trend for 2014, bringing back acid wash, neon, and tapered pants. Some of the less flattering looks like Zubaz, Hammer pants, and Hypercolor are destined to stay in the past but what about fanny packs? For some, the answer is a resounding no, never ever ever. For others, all … Read more

Cool Backpacks for Men with Leather Straps 2014

  Looking to carry around your stuff in style? If a messenger bag isn’t your thing, look to a trusty backpack. These aren’t your average grade school Jansports (though those will always be cool) but stylish backpacks with leather straps for men. Choose from the vintage backpacker style with two straps or the one-strap version … Read more

Filson now available in black

  Filson’s renowned comfort, protection, and durability never go out of style. Now their signature tan and brown luggage is available in that color that goes with everything and never gets dirty – black. Check out the classic duffle bag, game bag messenger, and best selling briefcase computer bag all in black on black.

How to Buy Men’s Wedding Bands

The days that all married men wore yellow gold wedding bands are long gone. Gold is still an option but white is currently in favor over yellow and a range of metals are available as well, at higher and lower costs. If you’re concerned about whether a ring can be cut off in case of … Read more

How to Fold a Pocket Square – Mad Men Styles

There are many, many ways to fold a pocket square but don’t be overwhelmed by the variety. There are 85 ways to tie a tie but you probably stick to one, maybe two, classic styles. Here’s how to fold a pocket square, illustrated by the dapper gentleman of Mad Men. The choice of fold reflects … Read more

Men’s Watches for Summer 2014

The active and carefree days of summer demand a different timepiece than the rest of the year. The large chronograph that looks so good in fall and winter is too heavy to be worn with short sleeves and too expensive to be worn in sweat and sand. Plus, summer is the time to add a splash … Read more

Vintage Men’s Sunglasses

  Whether your style is classic, preppy, or hipster these vintage sunglasses will work for you. All updates on the most popular and flattering classic frames, retro-inspired shades are one of the must have looks of 2014. Look for men’s sunglasses with vintage materials and silhouettes like wooden frames or tortoise shell and geometric or rounded shapes with … Read more

Cool Sunglasses for Guys

Looking cool isn’t the only reason to wear sunglasses. Filtering out harsh sunlight is their true purpose and different lens options provide a range of tints, effects, and finishes. Choose tinted lenses to enhance hues, soothe eyes, and add a colorful finish to your shades. Get a polarized lens to block almost 100% of glare … Read more

Sunglasses for Men: 2014 Trends

  One of the hot sunglasses for men trends in 2014 is going bright. Look for watery shades of blue, turquoise and teal or silver and white to add a touch of the beach whenever you don those shades. If bold frames aren’t for you, get some color in the lenses instead. Ray-Ban Folding Wayfarer Sunglasses – … Read more

How to Wear a Pocket Square

Don’t even think about putting your phone in the outside pocket of your suit. That’s what the inside pocket is for. The outside one is purely for decorative use – to add a pop of contrast or color in the form of a pocket square. Here’s how to wear a pocket square: Solid White Cotton … Read more

Slim Wallet for Men by Makr

Makr designs and patterns all of their own product at their Winter Park, Florida  studio, where they also make all of the hand-sewn small goods in house. This handcrafted wallet with rolled edges features three pockets, with the center pocket intended to conceal cash. Measuring 4.375″ x 3.125″ x 0.3″, this is a gorgeous slim wallet for men … Read more

Cool and Stylish Scarves for Men

Temperatures are continuing to hit what feels like record lows. When staying inside is no longer an option, additional layers are needed to effectively combat the cold. In addition to the usual parka and gloves, scarves offer another layer of defense as well as a pop of pattern or color. There are a few kinds of … Read more

5 Cool Leather Gloves for Men

The best men’s leather gloves combine form and function. These driving, racing, and tech gloves enhance performance at whatever you’re doing while keeping hands warm in winter. Here are our top picks for cool leather gloves for men that keep you warm in style. Pair them with one of these hard to find stylish parkas … Read more