Men’s Fashion 2015 – The Scoop Neck Tee

For summer 2015, it’s out for the V-neck and in with the scoop neck tee. This neckline is similar to the usual round t-shirt style but wider and deeper. Like a V, the collarbones are exposed and as much chest as you like. Some scoop necklines are broader across while some dip down low. Sometimes really low.

This style works with every kind of t-shirt, from tight muscle tees to baggy skater styles and tank tops too. Here are a few wide neck tees to get you started.


  1. Saint Laurent Striped Silk Blend T-Shirt
  2. Weekday T-Shirt Daniel Scoop Neck Burnout
  3. BDG Standard-Fit Pigment-Dyed Wide Neck Tee


  1. Feathers Linen Colorblocked Raglan Tee
  2. Scoop Neck T-Shirt
  3. Feathers Mineralized Open Neck Long Tee