Men’s Fashion 2015 – The Scoop Neck Tee

For summer 2015, it’s out for the V-neck and in with the scoop neck tee. This neckline is similar to the usual round t-shirt style but wider and deeper. Like a V, the collarbones are exposed and as much chest as you like. Some scoop necklines are broader across while some dip down low. Sometimes … Read more

JNCO is back!

Before skinny jeans hit the scene, cool factor was measured in inches instead of tightness. As part of the raver heyday, JNCO‘s were one of the original phat pants with ultra wide-legged jeans featuring over 50″ leg openings. Due to the inevitable shift in trends, the LA-based company closed their factory in 2000. Rejoin the … Read more

Latest Men’s Fashion 2015: 3 Easy Trends

Looking for a wardrobe update for 2015? Check out these latest men’s fashion trends hot of runways from around the world. All of these looks are saying good-bye winter, hello summer with brighter colors, bold patterns, and lighter weights. Mix and match these trends to create your own unique look. 1. Bold Prints The spring … Read more

Men’s Sneaker Trends 2014-2015: Gold straps and more

Limited edition sneakers with bold designs and high prices are nothing new. The latest in men’s sneaker trends 2014-2015 takes shoes to the next level, adding metallic hardware and accents for a high fashion finish. These couture high tops feature gold straps, zippers, and studs that look as good with jeans as a tux. Check … Read more

Cool Clothes for Men 2014: It’s all in the details

  Men are more fashionable than ever, trading in sneakers for desert boots and hoodies for blazers. If you’re working on taking your style to the next level, here’s what to look for. It all starts with the trends. Silhouettes shift from time to time and when that happens, it’s a good time to invest … Read more

Men’s Winter Boots 2014

  Another season of colder than normal temperatures is predicted so get ready to ride out the winter in style. You’ll want to ensure you’re covered from head to toe with a scarf, coat, and snow boots. These cool men’s winter boots 2014 are all waterproof, insulated, and feature textured soles to grip on ice. There’s a pair to … Read more

Jean Jackets for Men 2014

  The denim jacket is not just for ’90s rockers. They are one of the most versatile wardrobe pieces you can own, seamlessly making the transition from summer to fall, winter to spring, and adding a stylish layer in winter too. There’s not just one classic jean jacket but a range of cuts, fabrics, and … Read more

Shoe Trends for Guys 2014: Moccasin Boots for Men

  It’s not cool to wear Native American headdresses but moccasins are fine. Moccasin is the Algonquian Indian word for shoe and shoes are for everyone while the headdress are for spiritual purposes. For fall 2014, one of the emerging shoe trends for guys is moccasin boots for men. These moccasin-inspired high tops have rubber soles and usually leather … Read more

Cool Backpacks for Men with Leather Straps 2014

  Looking to carry around your stuff in style? If a messenger bag isn’t your thing, look to a trusty backpack. These aren’t your average grade school Jansports (though those will always be cool) but stylish backpacks with leather straps for men. Choose from the vintage backpacker style with two straps or the one-strap version … Read more

Men’s Dress Shirts Fit Guide

  Even if you work at an office with a jeans and t-shirt dress code or at home where pants are optional, every guy needs a few dress shirts for life’s special occasions. If you’re looking for men’s dress shirts, here’s a guide to finding the right fit to dress to impress. The tl;dr version: … Read more

Latest Men’s Fashion 2014: Rolled Pants

  After so many years of skinny jeans, the trouser silhouette is finally changing. The tapered ankle and dropped crotch of jogging jeans isn’t the only new trend. The latest men’s fashion hot of 2014’s runways is rolled pants. Start with a lightweight and slim fit pants with a straight leg pant and just roll … Read more

Men’s Fashion 2014: Jogging Jeans

  Just in time for summer, the latest trend in men’s fashion 2014 is lightweight, comfortable pants with tons of style. Also known as jogging jeans or joggers, they are based on the modern sweatpants style with tapered ankles, cuffed hem, and slightly dropped crotch (not to Beiber-esque proportions). The waist is either a comfortable … Read more

3 Cool Retro Band T-shirts

  Hey, it’s not your fault you weren’t there to experience the crucial moments in music history firsthand…and buy the t-shirt. Thanks to the Worn By collection from ASOS, some of the iconic moments in rock’n roll history have been captured. Thanks to work with original artists, musicians and photographers, these t-shirts feel feel authentic. Check … Read more

Are tank tops for men cool?

  Tank tops for men are a surprisingly polarizing issue. Guys are asking Google if tank tops are cool for guys, douchey, or gay. The answer is yes, sometimes, and that’s your business. Tank tops for men are cool – given the appropriate time and place. Any outdoor activities are a go from the beach to … Read more

How to Fold a Pocket Square – Mad Men Styles

There are many, many ways to fold a pocket square but don’t be overwhelmed by the variety. There are 85 ways to tie a tie but you probably stick to one, maybe two, classic styles. Here’s how to fold a pocket square, illustrated by the dapper gentleman of Mad Men. The choice of fold reflects … Read more