Men’s Sandals: Do or Don’t?

For the heat of summer time, men’s shoes options are limited, especially for north American fashion sensibilities.There are plenty of sockless shoe options including the ever popular boat shoes, Italian driving shoes, or classic tennis shoes.

Mens-Sandals-And then of course, there are sandals.  Flip flops but far too often they exude a frat boy vibe. Sport sandals like Tevas, Chacos, and Keens are functional with a complete absence of style. Across the pond, European styles men’s sandals are much more common and popular but questionable at best. (And in case you were wondering, never ever wear socks.)


The answer to “Are men’s sandals a do or don’t?” is sometimes. It depends on the shoe.

Looking to a European classic, we have finally found some cool men’s sandals. Pons Avarcas are the updated version of the traditional Menorcan Avarca leather sandal. With more than a century of tradition, this shoe was first worn by countrymen and farmers and has since been re-invented to become a basic and essential accessory for those who are looking for style and comfort all day long.


The casual unisex design fits in whenever your lifestyle takes you, from the office, your favorite restaurant, for a night out on the town, the beach or to that special date. Handmade in Spain with top quality leather and lightweight rubber, Avarca is a trendy and functional sandal.

Check out the rustic and updated styles in a range of colors. They look great with shorts, pants, and jeans. The design is cool in hot weather and even better, covers the toes.