Men’s Shorts by Inseam

Without a doubt, long cargo shorts with pockets are out and were never flattering to begin with. And don’t even think about buying some manpris. Stylish shorts for men are all about slim cut right now.

“Trim shorts, i.e. shorts that fit close to the body but are not tight, are a good choice for all body types because they create a clean visual line,” says Jessica Cadmus, the Wardrobe Whisperer. That also means no pleats or pockets, which add bulk.

Magnum-PI-Short-ShortsThe only decision you have to make is how long? All the cool men’s shorts are knee length and above and you can even show a bit of thigh. Magnum P.I. was a legend in short shorts and you can be too.

According to the Wall Street Journal, “Taller and leaner gents look better in longer and leaner shorts; shorter builds are better in shorter, boxier shorts. Tall and burly men, meanwhile, can benefit from showing a bit of leg in 7″ shorts.”

Check out this graphic of men’s shorts by inseam to see what length shorts you’re most comfortable with. Lengths range from quadricep revealing 5″ inseam to knee length 10.5″ inseam. They are all Stanton by J. Crew.



For more tips on wearing shorts for men, check out out model David Gandy.