Men’s Summer Clothes: Retro Surf Tees


For better and worse, 80s and 90s styles are on their way back. From pants with a tapered silhouette to the return of acid wash and neon, many of the hallmarks of retro style have returned. The good news, is many of those 80s fashion fails have stayed there, like Hypercolor shirts, pleated pants, and rat tails.

One of the coolest of eighties fads was surf wear. Some of the brands are extinct and only available used, a few are only available through Walmart, but some of them are still making sick surf gear with all the design elements that were fresh and cool back then.

Check out these retro surf tees for the hottest men’s summer clothes to be had this year. Get them in t-shirts or tanks, or if you’re really committed to reviving the era, a fanny pack.