How to Fix a Flat Bike Tire on the Road: patchnride

  Summer is cycling season for everyone, including fair weather commuters, hipster fixies, hardcore mountain and road bikers, and all you joyriders out there. If you ride enough, a flat is bound to happen. Here’s how to fix a flat bike tire on the road. Leave behind your tire levers, patch kit, and spare tube. … Read more

Summer Shoes for Guys – Men’s Espadrilles

  Summer calls for different shoes than the rest of the year, especially when you’re wearing shorts. Sure there are flip flops, boat shoes, and sneakers but if you want more style, espadrilles are the must have summer shoes for guys in 2014. They are as comfortable as flip flips, don’t need socks, and even … Read more

Pack light with the waterproof Kindle

  When you’re headed to the pool, lake or ocean and ready to do relax and catch up with some reading, there’s one thing you usually leave behind – your tablet or e-reader. The sun, sand and water are no match for modern technology, even if you have the latest retina display. Sure there are … Read more

Men’s Summer Clothes: Retro Surf Tees

  For better and worse, 80s and 90s styles are on their way back. From pants with a tapered silhouette to the return of acid wash and neon, many of the hallmarks of retro style have returned. The good news, is many of those 80s fashion fails have stayed there, like Hypercolor shirts, pleated pants, … Read more

Latest Men’s Fashion 2014: Rolled Pants

  After so many years of skinny jeans, the trouser silhouette is finally changing. The tapered ankle and dropped crotch of jogging jeans isn’t the only new trend. The latest men’s fashion hot of 2014’s runways is rolled pants. Start with a lightweight and slim fit pants with a straight leg pant and just roll … Read more

White Pocket Squares: Cotton, Linen or Silk?

  If you want to wear the pocket square but don’t know where to start, here’s the answer: the white pocket square. It dresses up any suit and is the traditional choice for a tuxedo. As you can see below, it’s the choice of past and present style icons Sean Connery, Kanye West, and Humphrey Bogart as … Read more

5 iPhone 5 Wallet Cases

  Your phone does it all in one, so your case should too. These iPhone wallet cases provide convenience, security, and protection. Choose from secret drawers, integrated phone stands, and beautiful leather cases. These are our top 5 picks for iPhone 5 wallet cases. Here’s hoping they’ll all be updated when the iPhone 6 comes out. … Read more

Men’s Fashion 2014: Jogging Jeans

  Just in time for summer, the latest trend in men’s fashion 2014 is lightweight, comfortable pants with tons of style. Also known as jogging jeans or joggers, they are based on the modern sweatpants style with tapered ankles, cuffed hem, and slightly dropped crotch (not to Beiber-esque proportions). The waist is either a comfortable … Read more

Last Chance for Memorial Day Sales 2014

  If you’ve got some time to shop online or in stores today, there are some incredible savings to be had. Stock up with the latest summer trends from 20-50% off at selected retailers. And with free returns, there’s no reason not to take a chance on these hot deals. Check out the top 5 … Read more

Men’s Running Shorts: Our Top Picks

  Summer is the time to head outdoors and get active. If running or hiking are part of your workout, you’re going to need some shorts. Check out our top picks for men’s running shorts, in order from the shortest 3-inch racers to 9-inch inseam cross-training shorts. The longer options are good for any activity, … Read more

How to Buy Men’s Wedding Bands

The days that all married men wore yellow gold wedding bands are long gone. Gold is still an option but white is currently in favor over yellow and a range of metals are available as well, at higher and lower costs. If you’re concerned about whether a ring can be cut off in case of … Read more

3 Cool Retro Band T-shirts

  Hey, it’s not your fault you weren’t there to experience the crucial moments in music history firsthand…and buy the t-shirt. Thanks to the Worn By collection from ASOS, some of the iconic moments in rock’n roll history have been captured. Thanks to work with original artists, musicians and photographers, these t-shirts feel feel authentic. Check … Read more

Slim Wallets for Men: Bellroy

  The only wallet trend of 2014 is getting rid of that George Costanza wallet. Sometimes clearing out all those old receipts and gift cards isn’t enough. A smaller, slim wallet will never become a bulky wallet that no longer fits in pockets and definitely can’t be sat on. There are more slim wallets for men … Read more

Survival Gear: Bear Grylls Card Tool

The Bear Grylls Card Tool has everything required for endurance in the wild or the city. The Card contains a 1.5-inch fixed blade fine edge knife, Phillips and flat screwdrivers, and ferrocerium rod, which produces a fire-starting spark when struck against the back edge of the knife. It also includes a water-resistant LED task light, … Read more

Are tank tops for men cool?

  Tank tops for men are a surprisingly polarizing issue. Guys are asking Google if tank tops are cool for guys, douchey, or gay. The answer is yes, sometimes, and that’s your business. Tank tops for men are cool – given the appropriate time and place. Any outdoor activities are a go from the beach to … Read more

How to Fold a Pocket Square – Mad Men Styles

There are many, many ways to fold a pocket square but don’t be overwhelmed by the variety. There are 85 ways to tie a tie but you probably stick to one, maybe two, classic styles. Here’s how to fold a pocket square, illustrated by the dapper gentleman of Mad Men. The choice of fold reflects … Read more

Men’s Watches for Summer 2014

The active and carefree days of summer demand a different timepiece than the rest of the year. The large chronograph that looks so good in fall and winter is too heavy to be worn with short sleeves and too expensive to be worn in sweat and sand. Plus, summer is the time to add a splash … Read more

Cool Camping Gear: Must Haves for This Summer

There’s a certain nostalgia for the past outdoors trips with a triangular tent, puffy plaid sleeping bag, and starting a fire with only a pair of sticks. However, new and cool camping gear makes living outdoors easier and more comfortable. These are all perfect for your next outdoor adventure or to add to that emergency kit you … Read more

Vintage Men’s Sunglasses

  Whether your style is classic, preppy, or hipster these vintage sunglasses will work for you. All updates on the most popular and flattering classic frames, retro-inspired shades are one of the must have looks of 2014. Look for men’s sunglasses with vintage materials and silhouettes like wooden frames or tortoise shell and geometric or rounded shapes with … Read more

Cool Sunglasses for Guys

Looking cool isn’t the only reason to wear sunglasses. Filtering out harsh sunlight is their true purpose and different lens options provide a range of tints, effects, and finishes. Choose tinted lenses to enhance hues, soothe eyes, and add a colorful finish to your shades. Get a polarized lens to block almost 100% of glare … Read more

Sunglasses for Men: 2014 Trends

  One of the hot sunglasses for men trends in 2014 is going bright. Look for watery shades of blue, turquoise and teal or silver and white to add a touch of the beach whenever you don those shades. If bold frames aren’t for you, get some color in the lenses instead. Ray-Ban Folding Wayfarer Sunglasses – … Read more

Must Haves for Men: High Quality Knives

  Before Japanese knives became the thing to have, there was German forged steel. The classic brand Wusthof is celebrating 200 years with a 2-Piece Anniversary Set featuring a 9″ cook’s knife and a 3.5″ paring knife distinguished by dark brown rosewood handles and triple brass rivets. The $200 set is made from precision forged high-carbon steel using traditional methods … Read more

The Latest Cell Phone Watch: Samsung Gear Fit

Some phones keep getting bigger while others are going in the same direction. Samsung has a stylish addition to the shrinking cellphone watch category, the Samsung Gear Fit. An update on other similar offerings, this slim horizontal design (that can be viewed vertically) is much sleeker and more stylish. The multi-functional watch tracks activity day … Read more

Cool Men’s Swim Trunks and Shorts

When choosing the best men’s swim shorts, there are a lot of options out there. There is a vast range of coverage from tiny Euro briefs to baggy board shorts, though we’re not recommending either of those. Rather than revealing or hiding everything, look for a tailored swimsuit that fits like a great pair of … Read more

Men’s Sandals: Do or Don’t?

For the heat of summer time, men’s shoes options are limited, especially for north American fashion sensibilities.There are plenty of sockless shoe options including the ever popular boat shoes, Italian driving shoes, or classic tennis shoes. And then of course, there are sandals.  Flip flops but far too often they exude a frat boy vibe. … Read more

True Detective Prints

Still missing your weekly instalment of True Detective? Relive the show through the graphic tribute online or paper. An infographic displays all the characters and essential scenes. Visit the store for the limited edition series of 24″ by 36″ prints and postcards by Nigel Dennis.  

Removable Bicycle Cup Holder by Bookman

One-handed cycling only adds to the many dangers on the road, especially with the potential of getting a hot soaker on the hand carrying a fresh coffee. Enter the bicycle cup holder by Bookman, the solution for morning coffees and beers during Critical Mass. Open the spring by pressing the rings together, attach it to … Read more

Portable Booze: Beer Concentrate

  There’s nothing more satisfying after a jaunt in the woods than a refreshing beer. Weight and volume requirements of camping, biking, and kayaking trips limit booze to the 40 proof variety. Wine tetrapaks are gaining popularity but now there is finally a portable booze product for men: Pat’s Backcountry Beverages has invented beer concentrate! … Read more

Are Black Jeans for Men in Style?

The answer is yes! Just because bright colors for pants are on trend for men doesn’t mean you should ever ignore basic black. Black jeans for men can be styled in so many different ways – rocker, hipster, biker, formal, classic, pretty much anything except for preppy. Black jeans are in style for men, as … Read more

Beard Grooming Products and Guide

Well-groomed facial hair was well-represented on the red carpet of the Oscar’s as well as on fashion runways. Don’t just grow a beard because it’s a trend – do it because it’s so much faster and easier to maintain than a clean shaven face. After spending a few days hard at work beard growing, there … Read more