An Intro to Men’s Skin Care

Is your idea of skin care that old bar of Ivory in the shower? If so, you’re using the same product on delicate facial skin as your armpits, feet, and ass. Alkaline bar soaps remove natural oils and reduce the acidic film that keeps out bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants. Soap also leaves behind invisible residue which dulls the … Read more

Spring + Summer 2014 Menswear Trends: Stripes

In some parts of the country, winter just won’t quit but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to thing about warmer weather. Spring and summer 2014  menswear trends are already available on-line and in stores so let’s talk about one of the big ones this year – stripes. Those horizontal naval stripes are a classic … Read more

Matte Pomade – Imperial Matte Pomade Paste

  All the popular men’s hairstyles for 2014  require some kind of product, whether you style hair slick, spiked, or messy. The slicked back hair is one of the top looks right now with vintage roots from the mid-century modern Mad Men era as well as greaser cool. To update the look, use a matte … Read more

How to Wear a Pocket Square

Don’t even think about putting your phone in the outside pocket of your suit. That’s what the inside pocket is for. The outside one is purely for decorative use – to add a pop of contrast or color in the form of a pocket square. Here’s how to wear a pocket square: Solid White Cotton … Read more

Slim Wallet for Men by Makr

Makr designs and patterns all of their own product at their Winter Park, Florida  studio, where they also make all of the hand-sewn small goods in house. This handcrafted wallet with rolled edges features three pockets, with the center pocket intended to conceal cash. Measuring 4.375″ x 3.125″ x 0.3″, this is a gorgeous slim wallet for men … Read more

Hand Cream for Men

The combined effect of freezing cold outside and blasting heat inside is dry skin all over, especially hands. Make up for lost time with a heavy duty hand cream without any added fragrance. The handcrafted in the USA original formula Weather Ready Hand Repair Balm by the Fieldworks Supply Company uses beneficial clays and natural oils keep … Read more

Cool Men’s Snow Boots

Investing in some stylish men’s winter boots is a must. Not just because of the record-setting cold this year but the salt. Most leather isn’t treated to hold up to the amount and strength of salt used on roads and sidewalks these days. Frequently once salt stains the leather, this is no recovery. So save … Read more

Cool and Stylish Scarves for Men

Temperatures are continuing to hit what feels like record lows. When staying inside is no longer an option, additional layers are needed to effectively combat the cold. In addition to the usual parka and gloves, scarves offer another layer of defense as well as a pop of pattern or color. There are a few kinds of … Read more

5 Cool Leather Gloves for Men

The best men’s leather gloves combine form and function. These driving, racing, and tech gloves enhance performance at whatever you’re doing while keeping hands warm in winter. Here are our top picks for cool leather gloves for men that keep you warm in style. Pair them with one of these hard to find stylish parkas … Read more

Cool Parkas for Men: Fight the Polar Vortex in Style

Here’s how to ride out this cold wave with style. With the polar vortex in action, the parkas are being embraced by new territory. Check out these cool parkas for men that are toasty warm and still have a touch of hipster chic. G-Star Bearing Hooded Down Jacket // The North Face Men’s Gotham Jacket // Elvine Corby Down … Read more

Best Hoodies for Men: The Executive Hoodie

The best hoodies for men strike the balance between comfort and style. The Executive Hoodie by Beta Brand combines work and play like never before. If you’re a suit and tie guy, this weekend wear will have you feeling as confident as you would in your blazer. For more casual or work at home gents, this hoodie … Read more

The Best Boxers and Underwear for Men

This isn’t going to be a list of the top brands and styles. There’s only one. ExOfficio makes the best boxers and underwear for men. In the words of the highest possible words about any garment, “I feel like I’m naked!” A few of the features that set the Give’n’Go line apart from the rest are: … Read more