Portable Booze: Beer Concentrate


There’s nothing more satisfying after a jaunt in the woods than a refreshing beer. Weight and volume requirements of camping, biking, and kayaking trips limit booze to the 40 proof variety. Wine tetrapaks are gaining popularity but now there is finally a portable booze product for men: Pat’s Backcountry Beverages has invented beer concentrate!


Weighing in at 95% water, beer is heavy. Beer concentrate solves that problem with a waterless brew that packs all the flavor, alcohol by volume, and aroma of a quality microbrew, all in a portable little package. This is much better than those freeze-dried dinner packs though because it’s not dehydrated beer.

Choose from Pail Rail and Black Hops varieties and 5 soda flavors.


To mix your beer, simply combine the concentrate, eco2ACTIVATOR, and water in the patented carbonator bottle and shake to enjoy a fresh brew.

These have got to be better than Pocket Shots. Nothing is worse than body temperature tequila-flavored booze.