Schiller X1 Water Bike


It’s too late for this summer but now is the time to start saving or add this water bike to your Christmas list. The Schiller X1 is the latest in water biking, literally a bicycle on water (not to be confused the French WaterBike that uses water as resistance). Floating on two pontoons, the X1 features responsive rudderless steering, performance components, and a unique water-based experience.


It’s a little but crazy but there are plenty of reasons why this is a fantastic purchase. It’s far more efficient than the old pedal-powered paddle boats. Get the benefits of cycling without the traffic dangers of road biking or inclines and obstacles  of mountain biking. Do your own spin class while at the cottage. And as far as looks go, it’s on par with stand up paddle boarding but a lot faster. Or just get one to be the first on your lake to have it.