Cool Sunglasses for Men: Modern Shades for Summer 2015

    Summer is back and it’s not only tank top season but time for some new shades. Need a reason to invest in cool sunglasses for men? You wear them everyday. That’s reason enough to take the time to find a flattering pair that makes a statement. For summer 2015, one of the trends … Read more

Vintage Men’s Sunglasses

  Whether your style is classic, preppy, or hipster these vintage sunglasses will work for you. All updates on the most popular and flattering classic frames, retro-inspired shades are one of the must have looks of 2014. Look for men’s sunglasses with vintage materials and silhouettes like wooden frames or tortoise shell and geometric or rounded shapes with … Read more

Cool Sunglasses for Guys

Looking cool isn’t the only reason to wear sunglasses. Filtering out harsh sunlight is their true purpose and different lens options provide a range of tints, effects, and finishes. Choose tinted lenses to enhance hues, soothe eyes, and add a colorful finish to your shades. Get a polarized lens to block almost 100% of glare … Read more

Sunglasses for Men: 2014 Trends

  One of the hot sunglasses for men trends in 2014 is going bright. Look for watery shades of blue, turquoise and teal or silver and white to add a touch of the beach whenever you don those shades. If bold frames aren’t for you, get some color in the lenses instead. Ray-Ban Folding Wayfarer Sunglasses – … Read more