Pack light with the waterproof Kindle


When you’re headed to the pool, lake or ocean and ready to do relax and catch up with some reading, there’s one thing you usually leave behind – your tablet or e-reader. The sun, sand and water are no match for modern technology, even if you have the latest retina display. Sure there are waterproof cases out there but they add weight and bulk.

Now you can leave that reading material behind with the Waterproof Kindle. Get all your favorite books, magazines and newspapers in small screen that is easy to read in daylight. And it will keep on ticking if you accidentally use it as a coaster.

Waterproof Kindle Paperwhite

Thanks to waterproofing from Waterfi, the Kindle Paperwhite becomes waterproof to 210 feet (more than some watches), can be used in the pool, sauna and beach, and is easy to wipe off any spills, sand, food and grease.